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Passive Income in a Hurry – Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel

Work Smart, Not Hard

We’ve all heard how most millionaires have an average of seven streams of passive income.  Obviously, they have a system in place and allow the system to do the actual work that builds the income, while they only focus on activities to scale that system.

As explained, “The common definition of passive income is income that you earn without being actively involved. That typically means that you continue to make income with no or very little effort on your part to maintain that cash flow.”, by Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents.

There is no point in expecting a passive income where you are on the beach, just watching the money pour into your bank account on your phone.  That wouldn’t even be fulfilling!

The idea of passive income, is basically like I said above.  Put a system in place, then focus on exposing that system to as many eyes as possible…targeted eyes, that is.  This will allow you to laser focus on one thing at any given time.  Doesn’t that sound logical and a lot easier than the shiny object syndrome we all get on the internet??

Basically, do the hard work once, then allow it to do the telling and selling for you so you can sell the same thing over and over.  So, to refer back to my opening statement, wouldn’t it be cool to get seven systems in place and behave like the millionaires?  Perhaps you could join the club!  In fact, if you can master one system, there is no telling how many you can set up and very likely will join the millionaires!

Passive Income Done For You

The things you could put in place to earn an income online are literally endless, however, there are also done for you systems you can take advantage of and get right to work.  This is my preferred method because you can start driving passive incometraffic to a sales funnel straight away.

We all know the road map to a passive income:

First – Create a capture page to collect emails.  You need to have something valuable to offer to make it appealing enough to give up an email address.  Try to think about what causes you to subscribe to something….it has to have great value, right?

Second – Once the subscriber adds their email, you can either take them to a one time offer page, where you offer them a low priced product OR you can send them directly to their free download.  Either way, you have their email address now and you can keep in touch.

The idea of the low priced one time offer is to collect enough money to fund your advertising expenses.  This takes your cost per lead to zero usually.

Third – You create a, “know, like & trust”, relationship with your following and begin to market products through your email messages.  These are generally pre set up in an autoresponder and sent out at specified intervals.  This is where you can literally earn while you sleep, aka, “passive income”.

While this is all well and good, it takes a lot of work to create all these steps.  In most cases, these processes require quite a bit of tech savvy.  Speaking from experience, I have over 23 years in IT and have literally no fear of any computer related activities, I still find setting up a full funnel to be a pain in the you know what!

passive incomeSome people enjoy this process and thank God for those people!  Those are the people who create systems for the rest of us and our success is their success so everyone wins and can generate a passive income from these programs.

I am always watching the latest trends and like to invest and test.  My personal favorite right now is money matrixes where you usually invest a small fee of five or ten bucks.  Then you just promote one link because the funnel is usually already in place for you.  You can buy traffic, blog and syndicate, use social media, PPC, or any other favorite traffic driving methods.  Again, the system does the telling and selling for you, so you are only focusing on that ONE link! Sounds like a plan to me and I’ve seen some decent success from some of these systems.  I just got into a new one that is showing a lot of promise and I’ve already got a lot of attention on this one.  You can see the explainer video when you click the link below.  Thanks for stopping by.

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